To me art in order to be truly great must, like the beauty of Nature, be universal in its appeal. It must be simple in its presentation and direct in its expression, like the language of Nature.

-Mahatma Gandhi, 1931

My name is Kevin Inkawhich.

I am a crafter of Mobiles, Gardens, Floral Arrangements and

Fashion Articles featuring natural materials.

My work is inspired by the unperceived long-term goals of the natural world, its ability to adapt, to find periods of balance and to recover from moments of chaos.

I am guided by nature’s way of creating something with unselfconscious determination, which is, without words, shared with the perceptive participant through their point of view. The unseen and unconditional discipline, focus and purposefulness of nature, inspires in me an awe that I seek to express through my work.

There appears to be no meaning, or at least none that I will ever fully understand, that drives the inner dialogue of creativity. It comes from a place of recognition and respect that leads to a reorganization of thought, an embrace of logic, an awareness of movement and an urge to travel. Unqualified observation reveals the thinly veiled qualities of preciousness, fragility, power, longevity, balance, revelry and reverence. 

It is during the process of working that I discover what I am creating. Something is revealed that I had never witnessed before with objects so familiar that they are no longer obvious.  Elements emerge; architecture, shadows, stability and an inexplicable organic mobility, a dynamic moment in a stage of a life cycle.  The work begins to speak of the venerability of old age and the dignity of decay.  It dances with grace and sings about a peace that deconstructs chaos and disempowers the fear of the unknown.

Beyond the enjoyment I get out of my more commercial work,

I pursue my passions as plantsman, sculptor, painter, singer, lyricist and traveler.

I was born in Oneida County, New York, worked for several years in

Boston, Massachusetts and am now living in Los Angeles, CA.

My work has been featured in several publications including;

New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Architectural Digest, Esquire, Dwell, House Beautiful, Flaunt and Western Interiors

.. has appeared in several solo and group shows;

Silho, Hollywood, CA 2004, 2006, 2008

Guild Hall, East Hampton, N.Y. 2005, 2006

Kip’s Bay, Manhattan, N.Y. 2007

Watermill Gallery, Watermill, N.Y. 2007

Cake, Los Feliz, CA 2007

Octopus’Garden, Silverlake, CA 2007

Occasional Gallery, West Hollywood, CA 2008

Million Trees LA, Los Angeles, CA 2008

Nickey-Kehoe, Hollywood, CA 2009

Hallworth Gallery, WEHO, CA 2012

LongHouse Gardens, East Hampton, N.Y. 2013

Munson Williams Proctor Institute, Utica, N.Y. 2013

.. is held in the permanent collections of;

The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, CA

.. and in private collections internationally.

I can be contacted

by telephone:  310 993 5559



Artist’s Statement